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What’s Your Body Constitution?

Everyone Can Differentiate Their Body Type and Optimize Their Health

In TCM, every individual has a unique body type. Here are the questionnaires for signs and symptoms.

Using these questionnaires will help you get to know your body and be more self-aware of your bodily functions. The goal is to balance the body and your inner ecosystems.

Qi (Energy) Deficiency

1. Do you get tired easily?

2. Do you get short of breath easily?

3. Do you have palpitations?

4. Do you catch colds more often than others?

5. Do you get dizzy easily when you stand up quickly?

6. Do you prefer to be quiet,not liking to talk?

7. Do you feel weak when talking?

8. Do you sweat easily whenever there is the slightest increase in physical activity?

9. Do you have problem with holding your urine or bowels, especially when sneezing?

10. Have you been taking statin (Cholesterol) medication?

11. Did you have any surgery within the last 12 months?

Qi (Energy) Stagnation

1. Do you feel gloomy and depressed?

2. Do you get anxious and worry easily?

3. Do you feel sensitive, emotionally vulnerable?

4. Are you easily scared or frightened?

5. Does your rib area or chest feel tight?

6. Do you sigh for no reason?

7. Do you easily have the feeling of things get stuck in the throat?

8. Do you suffer from insomnia, or have difficulty falling asleep?

9. Have you been taking pain medications?

10. Have you been taking Statin (Cholesterol)medications?

Dampness (Extra Fluid Accumulation)

1. Does your body feel heavy or lethargic?

2. Is your belly flabby?

3. Do you have oily skin on your forehead?

4. Does your mouth feel sticky?

5. Do you easily get puffy eyes, and under-eye bags?

6. You have phlegm in the mouth and throat?

7. Do you have a thick coating on your tongue?

8. Do you retain water (puffy hands and feet) or weight gain easily?

9. Have you been taking birth control pill, or hormone replacement?

10. Have you been taking steroid medications?

Phlegm Heat (Fluid Accumulation with Inflammations)

1. Do you have oily skin on your nose, forehead, and/or T. zone?

2. Do you get acne or sore easily?

3. Do you have bitter taste and odd taste in the mouth?

4. Do you pass sticky stools and or feel that your bowel movement is incomplete?

5. Do you feel the warmth while urinating, and the urine tends to be dark?

6. Have you been taking steroid medications?

7. Do you have yellowish vaginal discharge? (For female only)

8. Do you easily have yeast infections or urinary infections? (For female only)

9. Do your sexual organ areas feel warm and damp? (For male only)

Yang (Heat energy) Deficiency

1. Do your hands or feet feel cold or clammy?

2. Do you feel cold easily in your abdomen, back, lower back or knees?

3. Are you more sensitive to cold and tend to wear clothes than others?

4. Do you feel more vulnerable to the cold than others (dislike strong air conditioning, fans)?

5. Do you feel uncomfortable when you drink cold drink or eat cold food?

6. Do you catch cold easily?

7. Do you easily have diarrhea when you are exposed to cold or eat/drink something cold?

8. Do you have weak muscles in the back?

9. Have you been taking antibiotics medications?

Yin (Fluid) Deficiency

1. Does your body and face feel warm?

2. Do the palms of your hands or soles of your feet feel hot/warm?

3. Does your face feel warm?

4. Do you often feel parched and need to drink water?

5. Are your lips redder than others?

6. Are your skin or lips dry?

7. Do you get constipated or dry stool easily?

8. Are your eyes dry?

9. Do you get hot flashes?

10. Have you been taking Hypertension medications?

11. Have you been taking Diabetic medications?

12. Have you been expose to radiations? Or Radiation therapy

Blood Stagnation

1. Do you bruise easily?

2. Do you have visible capillary/thread veins on your cheeks, legs or body?

3. Does your skin have purpura (purple spots or ecchymosis)?

4. Do you easily get dark spots on your face and body?

5. Do you have dark under-eye circles?

6. Do you forget things easily?

7. Do your lips tend to be dark purplish?

8. Do you feel pain in your body?

9. Do you have many moles or some cysts in the body?

10. Have you been taking Statin (Cholesterol) medications?


1. Do you have allergies (to medications, food, odors, pollen, animal dandruff, perfume etc.)?

2. Do you easily cough or sneeze due to weather or air/scent change?

3. Do you have running nose or stuffy nose even without having cold?

4. Does your skin get hives/urticaria easily?

5. Does your skin have purpura (purple spots) due to allergies?

6. Does your skin turn red and show traces of scratch when you scratched it?

7. Do you have many autoimmune issues?

Personalized TCM Treatment & Nutritional Support

A vital force of life (called Qi in TCM) is the foundation to health. What is optimum varies from person to person and is dependent on your underlying conditions, your age and health status.

If you have questions about what type of TCM treatment or nutrition plan is best for your body type, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you. For more information on my approach to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), nutrition, check out our blog or check out our bio on the Yan’s Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine website .

To book an appointment, please contact Yan’s Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine Clinic at 647-982-5240 or email us

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